“A New Measure of Congruence: The Earth Mover’s Distance” (with Noam Lupu and Lucía Selios). 2017. Political Analysis 25 (1): 95-113.
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“Mass-Elite Congruence and Representation in Argentina” (with Noam Lupu), in Malaise in Representation in Latin American Countries: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, eds. Alfredo Joignant, Mauricio Morales, and Claudio Fuentes. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 281-302 (2017).
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Research in progress

Divide to Rule: Coalition Bargaining and the Architecture of Government (book manuscript).

“Perceptions of Uncertainty” (with Michael DeCrescenzo and Benjamin Toff). Pilot experiment fielded and follow-up in preparation.

“How to Get Better Survey Data More Efficiently” (with Mollie J. Cohen). Under review. [current draft] [appendix]

“Measuring Ideological Congruence” (with Kevin Fahey and René Lindstädt). R package in beta testing.

“Ain’t No Daylight: How Presidents Decide Whom to Send to War” (with Douglas B. Atkinson, Kevin Fahey, and René Lindstädt).

“Detecting Election Irregularities with Machine Learning for Visual Data” (with Christian Arnold, J. Andrew Harris, and Michelle Brown/the National Democratic Institute). ESRC grant awarded (£17,400).

“Divide to Rule: Deconcentration and Coalition Bargaining.”
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“Conditional Relationships in Dynamic Models.” Under review.
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“Affluence and Congruence: Unequal Representation Around the World” (with Noam Lupu). Under review.
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“Measuring Distributional Distance” (with Andy Eggers). R package in beta testing.